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We are a GOOD School in each and every aspect - Ofsted 2016

Before / After School Club.

Parents’ Handbook.


Cliffe V.C Primary School 

Main Street, Cliffe, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 6NN

Head Teacher:                        Mr A Blackwood

Office Manager:        Mrs S Stacey

Telephone:    01757 638426      Email:


The club is open from 7:45am until 8.50am, Monday to Friday, as well as 3.30pm until 5:30pm Monday till Wednesday. Running term time only and open only to pupils of Cliffe School.

The pupils participating are supervised by two members of staff, deployed as follows:


Breakfast Club – Mrs Jones

                            Mrs Waite


After-School Club – Mrs Weatherall

                                Mrs Jones (Tuesday only)

                                Ms Chapman (Monday & Wednesday)


If you have a query or concern at any time, please speak to a member of staff in attendance. If you prefer to arrange a more convenient time for a meeting please contact the Head teacher via the school office to make an appointment.


What we offer


There is a variety of activities on offer throughout the week, both within the dining-hall and in the outdoor area.

There will always be a selection of activities and resources available, including craft, board games, computers and reading. In addition other resources may be available for the children to select from general school resources.

Breakfast is included for those attending morning sessions and a light snack / drink included for those attending after school.


What we provide


Breakfast – A selection of toasted bread, crumpets etc, spreads, various cereals, yoghurt, milk etc.

After-school – A selection of cold snacks; toast, crackers, wraps, cheese, meats, vegetable sticks, savoury pastries etc

The food we provide at the After-school Club is not intended as a substitute for a main evening meal.

We use fresh ingredients and follow statutory guidelines.

Fresh drinking water is available at all times.

We meet individual dietary requirements upon prior request.



The club is co-ordinated predominantly through the staff in attendance.

 All sessions must be pre-booked. This can be done by signing your child’s / children’s name in the register book held within Club for the forthcoming days you would like them to attend. If this is not possible bookings can be made via the school office, in person or by telephone.

Bookings can be made up until the end of the Summer term 2020.

Any cancellations must be made in advance, via the same means used for bookings. Any incidence of non-attendance without cancellation will still be subject to full charges.

Payment will be requested retrospectively, on a daily basis, via ParentPay.

Repeated delayed / non-payment will result in your access to Club being withdrawn. This includes delayed / non-payment of any late collection fees.

Our ability to offer this service will be dependent upon level of uptake. In the first instance we are committed to providing the clubs until the end of the academic year 2019/2020 and hope to continue beyond this. However, if pupil numbers do not support the service sufficiently the offer may have to be withdrawn. Should this be the case we will provide parents with a minimum of one half-terms notice.


Before School

07:45 – 08:50



After School


15:30 – 16:30

15.30 – 17.30








Arrivals and departures

When dropping off / collecting pupils please use the specific ‘Club Bell’ found at the main entrance to school. Please escort your child into the premises and do not drop them alone in carpark / curbside. When collecting your child you will be asked to sign against their name to say you have done so.

We expect that your child will normally be collected by a designated immediate family member. If you need a different person to collect your child on a particular day, please notify us in advance, giving the full name of the person collecting. They will then be asked to give their name upon collection and sign the register to note collection. We will not release your child into the care of a person unknown to us without your authorisation.

The Club finishes promptly at 17:30pm, if you are delayed for any reason please telephone the Club to let us know. A late payment fee of £5.00 per child will be charged if you collect your child after between 17.30 and 17.45pm and a further £5 per ten minutes charged should you arrive later than 17.45pm. Persistent late collection will result in access to Club provision being removed.

If your child remains uncollected after 18:00 and you have not warned us that you have been exceptionally delayed and / or we have been unable to make contact, we will be obliged tocontact Social Care Services.



Just as during the course of the regular school day, we expect the highest standards of behaviour and attitude. Pupils attending Club are expected to meet all of the expectations found within our Behaviour Policy and failure to do so will result in the same pattern of consequence. In addition, if behaviour remains an issue your access to the Club may be withdrawn.


Child protection

Just as during the course of the regular school day, we are committed to building a ‘culture of safety’ in which the children in our care are protected from abuse and harm. Any suspicion of abuse is promptly and appropriately responded to. We comply with local and national child protection procedures and ensure that all staff are appropriately trained. For more details see our School Safeguarding Policy.



We are unable to care for children who are unwell. If your child becomes unwell whilst at the Club we will contact you and ask you to make arrangements for them to be collected.

Please inform us of any infectious illness your child contracts. If your child has had sickness or diarrhea please do not send him / her to the Club for 48 hours after the illness has ceased.


Accidents and first aid

Every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of the children at all times. Our staff are trained in first aid and a first aid kit is kept on the premises. If your child has an accident whilst in our care, you will be informed when you collect your child.



Please note, staff cannot administer medication to children at Club.

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